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It would be an understatement to say that we moved a lot when I was young.  There was this kind of moving going on too when Jack was young.  Yesterday we made a trip to the library in Anderson so that I could check out information in the city directories to see where we lived, basically when, and what year we began to be listed.  (For my family, yes I did visit Jack’s grave, and we did go by the house, but there were no cars except the van in the driveway, and I didn’t want to disturb your mother if she was home alone, perhaps napping.)  Now on to  the purpose of this particular post.

All these listings are for the Anderson City Directory of the year listed:

Mom and Dad appear in the 1943 directory as follows:

     Moore, Rob. L. (Mary E.) 1 (number of children under 18) emp Delco-Remy  2609 Central Ave  Phone 2-7792

No 1944 directory in the library


     Moore, Robt. L. (Mary E) 2 (yeah me!), asmblr, Delco-Remy, 2438 r (rear) Meridian This was the apt. behind       Nan-nan’s where they lived when I was born. 2-7792


     Moore, Robt. L. (Mary A) 2 2613 Meridian St. 2-7792  I’m sure he was working, I think I forgot to write it down.

No 1948 directory available

1949:  (This one is so strange)

     Moore, Mary A (Mrs. R. L.) 1 (Jack was 18 by that time), nurse at Citizens Nursing Center, 2226 Park Ave.2-7792 ( I have no idea about this post, only that all the basic information is correct, except that Dad really isn’t listed and my mother has a job.  I have to tell you that I would have been 5 by this time, and I do remember things when we lived in this house and I have absolutely no memory of my mother working outside the home at anytime before we moved to Muncie..  I had told your dad about this listing and we both got a laugh, because the idea of our mother nursing anyone but her own immediate family was so laughable.  I looked up the Citizens Nursing Center, and it was listed as such and was in the Citizens Bank Building #431.  Clara M. Long, RN and Hazel B Smith are listed with the entry.  Smith is the Supt.  The only thing I can figure out is that Dad may not have had a job, and not wanting that to be known, he let Mother do the listing, and she made up the job so that they wouldn’t appear destitute, which they weren’t.  I am really baffled by this.  I know my mother hated for the assessor to come to the house because she thought they were “spying” on her, so perhaps this is her answer to that.)

Not finding any further listings in the City directories because they did not have copies, I turned to the phone books.

1949 Telephone directory:  Moore, Robt. L., 403 Jackson St. 2-7792

1950 TD: Moore Robt. L., 2309 George St. 2-7792

The next listing is back to the City Directories:

1957:  Moore Robt. L., (Mary E.) 1 slsmn, Frank Krall, RD 4   2-7792  This is Browns and we would have left before 1957, since we lived on Ohio Ave. when Jeff was born and I had finished the 6th grade at Longfellow.  We then moved to 13th and Jackson, where the Methodist Church addition is, and I went to Central H.S. for part of the 7th grade. 

We then moved to the house at Ovid/New Columbus and then to the Bunner House at Middletown, then to Gales, and in spring of 1963 to Muncie.

It would appear then that Mother and Dad were in Anderson by 1943, and probably by early 1942.  Jack remembered that they were moving when they heard about Pearl Harbor on the radio, but my mother always indicated that they moved a little later than that, say the summer of 1942.  A check of Cincinnati City Directories might be good here.

Earlier I mentioned my mother working outside the home.  Actually it was a job that my dad took on extra to help pay for my college, and she and I went on Friday nights to the dental office of Dr. ? Slayton in Muncie, and emptied waste baskets and dusted and swept the carpet and straightened the entry area.  It took us all of about an hour working together and Dad gave us the money when he got paid.  I’m 99% sure this was in 1966 after my divorce, and it didn’t last all that long.



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