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Christmas Past

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Christmas lately.  Strange huh?  It’s only everywhere you look and everywhere you go.  But no, I’ve been thinking about those Christmas times which are in the past.

My favorite memory of Christmas past is of the one when I must have been about 6 or so, and we lived on George Street, in Anderson.  Jack worked at the hardware store in Anderson and they had a balcony on all three sides of the building where, at Christmas time, they displayed toys.  I remember Jack taking me by the hand and leading me up there.  When we got there he told me to pick out some things I might want for Christmas, so I did.  It was very exciting for me to do this, with my big brother following along behind, making mental notes. (Although I did not know that at the time.)

Christmas came and I awoke before everyone else and quietly crept downstairs to see what Santa had brought.  There was a Toni doll, my table and chairs and my little white china cabinet which now sits in my kitchen.  I then went back upstairs and got in bed.  A little while later Mother came to wake me up, and said, “Get up and lets go downstairs and see what Santa left.”  And I said to her, “No, I’ve already been down to see what I got.”  She gave me a disgusted look and made me get up any way.

Other things I remember about Christmas past:  my Nan-nan always, always, gave me a package which looked like a silver book but when opened it actually contained roll of various flavored Life Savers; the one Christmas were we only had books of trading stamps to buy presents with, we were that poor; the several Christmas pasts that we spent on Luick Ave. in Muncie, and we would invite our landlady Aldean Klug, and the older gentleman who lived in the trailer behind us (we lived in a house) and of course Wayne Smith, and Mother would set the family table with the Blue Onion pattern dishes and have such a good time; the same house saw Christmas celebrations with Mose and Etta Mae and their children, (none of whom speak to me now because of the 2008 election), and Jack and his family. 

Christmas is a special time for me for religious reasons, but it is a special time to remember those we loved and those who are now gone from our sight, but not our memories.


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